Videa Studios

Videa Studios has a great tradition. It collects, in fact, the precious heritage of auteur cinema, characterized by professional precision and passion for the craft, of which Franco Cristaldi was one of the followers. A tradition that has helped to make Italian cinema known in the world. In 1962 the legendary producer founded here his Vides Cinematografica, where great series of Italian cinema were shown.


Directors such as Luchino Visconti, Federico Fellini, Francesco Rosi, Pietro Germi, Gillo Pontecorvo, Sergio Corbucci, Giuseppe Tornatore, Mario Bava, Duccio Tessari, Mario Monicelli and Antonio Pietrangeli shot in the Vides centers some of their masterpieces such as Divorzio all’italiana, Amarcord, Nuovo cinema Paradiso, E la nave va, Arrivano i Titani, Per amore… per magia, Il caso Mattei, I soliti Ignoti, Fantasmi a Roma.
facades 12 meters high, overlooking a permanent square complex of about 1000 m². The square complex is built in the style of the late nineteenth century and can be adapted as needed. It has 8 facades with windows and balconies, some of which are accessible, a working fountain and 5 interior spaces (about 500 m²) surrounding the square itself. The square is also suitable for any type of event, as it has large catering areas and exudes a magical atmosphere. Details


Highly qualified personnel, specific technical equipment and advanced technology. The facilities of Videa Spa extend along the park of the natural reserve of Veio:

• 60 hectares of forest, alternating a large area with equipped facilities suitable for every need;
• 15.000 m² of covered area, consisting of 7 recording theatres, complete with service and accessory rooms, dressing rooms, make-up rooms, tailors and equipment, equipped with the latest technologies and specialised personnel for every need.

The structure is also enriched by a special department dedicated to the realization of refined scenographies thanks to a highly qualified staff and special technical equipment. Real green spaces, 20,000 m² of forest crossed by a stream, can be a splendid setting or take part in any kind of scenographic setting, also thanks to the absolute lack of space-time references.